Corporate Social Responsibility

Green Hospital

To live up to our green hospital identity, we treasure every Earth’s resource through actively exchanging green messages with our staff, working partners and communities, as well as working together with the world to maintain a sustainable future.

The Pledge of a Green Building:

We have been following the green building standards in building a number of environmental friendly and energy-saving facilities. Our efforts have been recognised and awarded from time to time:

  • 2013: Received “Code of Practice for Energy Efficiency of Light Installation (2007ed)- HKBH Block C (Carpark & Common Areas)” by EMSD;
  • 2016: First hospital achieved the Gold Award in GREEN PLUS Award of the year 2016 (Public Organization & Utility) by CLP;
  • 2017: Achieved Bronze of BEAM Plus V1.1. for New Building for Redevelopment of Block E Building by The Hong Kong Green Building Council;
  • 2017: Received Platinum Award in Charter on External Lighting by Environment Bureau.

The Cultivation of a Green Culture in the Workplace:

For boosting the awareness of environmental protection, we motivate our staff to participate in green activities through partnering up with many green groups and NGOs in organising numerous recycling activities including:

  • Greener Actions “Lai See Packets Reuse and Recycling Programme”
  • Friends of Earth “Used Clothes Recycling Programme”
  • Caratis Computer Workshop “Computer & Communication Products Recycling Programme”
  • Hong Chi Association “Hong Chi Jockey Club Glass Bottle Recycling Project”
  • World Vision “Used Book Recycling Campaign”

In addition, we received an Excellent Award in “Domestic Waste Minimization Program” at the Hospital Management Asia 2016 Congress which was held in Vietnam as a recognition of our staff’s achievements in resource recycling and waste reduction.

We initiate environmental conservation. Other than supporting the Kadoorie Farm & Botanic Garden Group Tree Planting Programme, we participated in the 24th and 25th Green Power Hike to raise funds for environmental education for “Green Power” and won Champion and First Runner-up of the Medical Services Cup in 10km Category in 2017 and 2018 respectively.

We also launch the GREEN Website on the Intranet to facilitate our staff to exchange ideas on environmental protection and share their experience in participating in environmental activities.

In the future, we will continue to promote environmental education, in order to show our spirit of caring for the society and the environment to the fullest extent.