Patient's Guide

Admission Policy

1. To ensure that we can provide safe and good quality service, prior to admission, patients are required to:

  • furnish an Admission Letter duly signed by the attending doctor who has seen and assessed the patient;
  • have reservation of a hospital bed made by the attending doctor;
  • undergo infection control triage, and lodge at special care or isolation ward as necessary.

2. When beds are not available or we are unable to provide a particular type of accommodation such as intensive care or isolation care which is required for the patient, we will make arrangement to transfer the patient to another hospital.

3. Due to lack of police stationing and psychiatric ward facilities, limited infection control and prevention facilities in our Hospital, for safety, public health or operational reasons, we do not admit clients with the following conditions. Clients are advised to attend the Accident and Emergency Department of the hospitals under Hospital Authority :

  • mentally unstable, presented with inclination of self-harm, or causing harm/ disturbances to others;
  • suspected or confirmed infectious diseases as specified by our Hospital;
  • cases reportable to the Police for handling.