Fees & Charges

Medical Report & Patient’s Information Application Fee
Items Fees
Medical Report(by Resident Doctors) Minimum charge of HK$720, subject to the type and complexities of the request.
Insurance Claim Form (by Resident Doctors)– Inpatient
  • Free for first two applications and HK$200 for subsequent applications (per copy) if the request is made on or before discharge
  • HK$200 for request made after discharge (per copy)
Insurance Claim Form (by Resident Doctors)– Outpatient HK$120 (per copy)
Duplicate Copy of Medical Record
  • HK$300 for less than 30 pages
  • HK$600 for 31 to 50 pages
  • Reproduction charge for the 51th page and onward is HK$2 per page
  • Local delivery charge of HK$200
Birth Date & Time Copy HK$300 (per copy)
Re-issue of Immunization Record HK$300 (per copy)
Certificate of Hospitalization (i.e. date of admission & discharge, attendance record) HK$300 (per copy)
Copy of Invoice/ Receipt HK$100 (per admission)
HK$50 (per consultation)
X-ray film HK$240 per CD (no report included)
HK$240 per film (no report included)
HK$560 per copy of Xerox paper booklet (Image plus report, without CD)
Endoscopy Video Recordings HK$210 (per USB Stick)

Note: Insurance claim form and medical report for patients under the care of our visiting doctors will not be handled.  Please contact the attending doctors directly.

Please click HERE to download Data Access Request Form.

Last updated: 15 Jan 2021