Fees & Charges

Medical Report & Patient’s Information Application Fee

Please click HERE to download Data Access Request Form.

Items Fees
Medical Report(by Resident Doctors) Minimum charge of HK$735, subject to the type and complexities of the request.
Insurance Claim Form (by Resident Doctors)– Inpatient
  • Free for first two applications and HK$210 for subsequent applications (per copy) if the request is made on or before discharge
  • HK$210 for request made after discharge (per copy)
Insurance Claim Form (by Resident Doctors)– Outpatient HK$125 (per copy)
Duplicate Copy of Medical Record
  • HK$300 for less than 30 pages
  • HK$600 for 31 to 50 pages
  • Reproduction charge for the 51th page and onward is HK$2 per page
  • Local delivery charge of HK$200
Birth Date & Time Copy HK$310 (per copy)
Re-issue of Immunization Record HK$310 (per copy)
Certificate of Hospitalization (i.e. date of admission & discharge, attendance record) HK$310 (per copy)
Copy of Invoice/ Receipt (per admission/consultation) Administration fee HK$100 (HK$5 per each additional page if >10 pages)
Certificate of Payment Records Administration fee HK$300 (HK$20 per admission / consultation if >10 episodes)
Certified True Copy of Documents Administration fee HK$100 (HK$5 per each additional page if >10 pages)
 X-ray film HK$260 up per CD (no report included)
HK$260 up per film (no report included)
HK$570 up per copy of Xerox paper booklet (Image plus report, without CD)
Endoscopy Video Recordings (The recordings will ONLY be kept for 1 month from the date of endoscopy performed) HK$215 (per USB Stick)

Note: Insurance claim form and medical report for patients under the care of our visiting doctors will not be handled.  Please contact the attending doctors directly.

Last updated: 1 Jul 2021