Patient's Guide

Notice to Patient

Please READ this note before you provide any Personal data to Hong Kong Baptist Hospital and/or its affiliated medical centres (including, but not limited to HKBH Ambulatory Medical Centre)

Collection of Personal Data for Healthcare Purposes etc.

Our staff members may ask you to provide Personal Data (including health information) or obtain from any appropriate third party your medical history/relevant information.  Such information is for purposes relating to your healthcare/general related purposes (including, but not limited to, treatment, health care, clinical statistical and audit purposes).

Provision/Disclosure of Personal Data

When you provide Personal Data to us, please make sure that such data is accurate and complete.  Failure to provide accurate/complete information may affect our ability to provide services for the healthcare purposes.

You should note that your Personal Data collected in the above circumstances may be made available to:

  • appropriate persons in our Hospital;
  • appropriate government departments/agencies/authorities etc. when disclosure is required or permitted by law, is necessary in the public interest or enables verification of your identity/status for charging or other purposes.

In addition to the above, we will only use, disclose or transfer the Personal Data you provide to us:

  • for those purposes relating to your healthcare; or
  • where permitted by law.

We will obtain your consent before using your Personal Data for any other purposes.

Data Access/Correction Requests

If you wish to access/correct your Personal Data held by our Hospital, you may do so under Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance.  Please approach our Medical Records Department or call 2339-8824 during the office hours.

You may also wish to refer to the Statement on Hospital’s Data Protection Policy and Practice for further details.