Patient's Guide

House Rules
  1. For the serenity and well-being of patients:
    • please keep the Hospital environment quiet and peaceful;
    • not more than two visitors per patient per visit is recommended.
  2. Patients are strongly advised not to keep any valuables or excessive cash in the room during their hospital stay. Personal belongings and mobile phone should be secured in the locker. The Hospital will not be responsible for any loss or missing of personal belonging.
  3. Please keep away from medical equipment when you use mobile phone in the ward area.
  4. In accordance with laws :
    • DO NOT give any tips or gifts to our staff in order not to contravene the Prevention of Bribery Ordinance;
    • no gambling of any form in the Hospital;
    • smoking is prohibited.
  5. The following activities are not allowed within the hospital premises :
    • carrying any animals;
    • use of electric appliances;
    • bringing food with strong smell (e.g. durian) ;
    • no washing or hang dry of cloth is not allowed;
    • burning of incense, joss sticks or others.
  6. Patient Safety
    • Call Bell: Call bells are equipped at each bedside console and toilets, allowing patients or visitors to call for help from the healthcare staff at any time if assistance is needed.
    • Fall Prevention: For the fall risk patient, if the bedside rail has been lowered during your visitation, please have them raised up before you leave the ward. To promote “Less Restraint”, our Hospital would suggest high fall risk patients to use fall alarm pad. Please seek help from healthcare staff for details.
  7. During your stay in ward :
    • please do not leave the ward. Prior notice must be given to nurse if so required;
    • only the hospital staff is allowed to adjust the air-conditioning;
    • please use the ward facilities and equipment with care. The Hospital reserves the right to demand compensation for damage, if any.
  8. Companion Bed:
    Female rooms: Female Companion only (except Private Rooms)
    Other rooms: Male or female companion
  9. Except private class, service hour of TVs in ward is 7:00am to 12:00 midnight.
  10. For the protection of patient and staff privacy, audio/video recording or photography in hospital premises without authorization is not allowed.
  11. To the best interest of the child, parents or the designated caregiver should accompany the children at all times during the hospitalization stay in the Paediatric ward.

Remarks: Our Hospital reserves the right of final interpretation of the content of this webpage. Information given is subject to change without prior notice.