About Us

Message from CEO

In the holy name of God, Hong Kong Baptist Hospital is always dedicated to serving our patients with love and compassion, alongside with our spirituality and pursuance in medical advancement to fulfill the mission “In the Service of Man, for the Glory of God”. While we are committed not only to providing the best care and quality services to our patients, we are also adhere to launching public education, fostering community relationship, offering charity health programmes, and introducing excellent medical services to a wider spectrum.

Throughout the years, the Hospital has been changing with times and overcoming numerous challenges. Today, we are a fully-established private hospital with well-deserved reputation. I am truly grateful to see the grace of God as well as my staff’s wholeheartedness in serving our patients and their families. This is certainly our key to success, and our efforts have been widely recognized – in addition to receiving extensive recognitions, we have achieved full accreditation by the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS) for three times in a consecutive manner. I am extremely proud of the outstanding performance and impeccability that my staff had demonstrated. Let me also denote my heartfelt thanks to Baptist Convention of Hong Kong and the Board of Directors, for their unwavering support and lead us through in perceiving God’s kindness.

Looking to the future, we will continue to serve our patients enthusiastically, and excel in the provision of quality health care services.   I hope that your recognition towards our professionalism, determination, and care, will keep motivate us for constant improvement.


Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Alex Wai Yin YU