HKBH Ambulatory Medical Centre

HKBH Ambulatory Medical Centre

Hong Kong Baptist Hospital (HKBH) Ambulatory Medical Centre is a one-stop day care medical services under HKBH. Conveniently located at the heart of the Kowloon East CBD, it takes just 5-min walk from the Centre to the nearest MTR Station (Exit B5, Ngau Tau Kok Station).

Housed in the 10,000- ft2 Centre is a versatile fleet of diagnostic imaging equipment and video-endoscopic facilities. Among the various advanced technologies is breast MRI which is radiation-free and safe for pregnant ladies and those whose radiation exposure level are close to the limit. In addition, 3D mammography is also adopted as standard of care for breast screening.

Equipped with advanced equipment, facilities, décor, in addition to its experienced medical specialists, the Centre offers a range of service including:

  • Endoscopy : Diagnostic colonoscopy and gastroscopy
  • Health Screening : Women and men health check plans, Bones & Joints Health Plan, Vaccination
  • Radiology and Medical Imaging : 3D mammography, bone densitometry, CT, MRI, MR breast Ultrasound, X-ray
  • Vaccination : A wide range of vaccination including Gardasil 9, MMR II, Flu Vaccine etc.
  • Day Surgery (coming soon) : Fast and reliable day surgeries

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