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Hong Kong Baptist Hospital Applies Antiviral and Antibacterial Air Filtration Invention to Enhance Protection for Patients and Staff

Hong Kong Baptist Hospital (HKBH) is pleased to announce its installation of C-POLAR® air filters in the air-conditioning system at the ward area and 24-hour Out-patient Clinic in March and April, making it one of the first hospitals in Hong Kong in utilising the innovative antiviral and antibacterial technology to provide enhanced protection to patients and staff.

The award-winning C-POLAR® air filter technology, which adopts polarity to capture and inactivate viruses and bacteria in a fast air flow environment without using external energy and heavy metals, is a Hong Kong-based biotech start-up invention. It is proven by independent third-party studies1 that the technology can capture and inactivate a range of viruses and bacteria, including SARS-CoV-2, Staphylococcus Aureus, E. Coli, E. Faecalis, and Pseudomonas.

As a pioneer in the medical industry to apply this installation in hospital area, Ms. Grace Wong, General Manager of HKBH, revealed “Since the start of the pandemic, Hong Kong Baptist Hospital has always been at the forefront of adopting safety and infection control measures to provide all-rounded protection to our patients and staff. This time, we are excited to further enhance our protection through using proven technology, in addition to the current sanitising and disinfection measures including the infection control robots to maintain high hygiene standard.”

Photo caption: Installation of C-POLAR® air filters in the air-conditioning system at HKBH’s ward area and Out-patient Clinic for enhanced protection to patients and staff.

Mr. Samson Leung, Director of WAF expressed, “We are very pleased to apply the technology in air-filtration system at HKBH.  With our experience, we have made the C-POLAR® filters to become a solution that can be easily adopted in properties’ current ventilation system at a good value. Effectively prohibits bacteria and virus entering indoor space along with ventilation air stream, the filers tremendously enhance the overall indoor air quality. We hope this locally-based invention can help Hong Kong citizens through making a difference during this critical moment of the pandemic.”

In Hong Kong, the C-POLAR® technology has been applied by a wide spectrum of industries and organisations including the Hospital Authority, property developers, transportation companies, and so on. On the other hand, it has been in use in National Health Service (NHS) in the United Kingdom.


1. Czech Academy of Sciences – Antiviral Activity on SARS-CoV-2,Hong Kong Metropolitan University – Antibacterial Activity on S. Aureus, E. Coli, P. Aeruginosa After Ageing Process to Stimulate 2.5 Years