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Hong Kong Baptist Hospital won 2 trophies at the Healthcare Asia Awards
  • Covid Management Initiative of the Year – Hong Kong
  • Hospital of the Year – Hong Kong


(June, 2021 – Hong Kong). While the world has been battling with COVID-19, hospitals and healthcare professionals have been pushed to maintain quality healthcare services amidst the adversity. As one of the leading private hospitals in the territory, Hong Kong Baptist Hospital (HKBH), through implementation of effective infection control measures, maintains zero hospital-acquired infection of COVID-19 up to date, giving concrete protection to citizens, staff and patients.

In view of the outstanding performance, the Hospital was acknowledged at the Healthcare Asia Awards 2021 with 2 awards – Covid Management Initiative of the Year – Hong Kong, and Hospital of the Year – Hong Kong.

Each year, the judging panel of Healthcare Asia Awards gives recognition to hospitals with exemplary achievements in different areas, which also serves as a benchmark for the industry.

As the pandemic lingers, HKBH implemented a series of measures in a timely manner to accommodate the fast evolving situations.  Among the different measures is the setting up of its surgical mask production line to stablise essential PPE supply. Riding on the existing Centralized Sterilized Supplies Department’s cleanroom, together with new equipment, the production line was made available in 3 months’ time. The cleanroom, accredited with ISO 13485 and ISO 14611-1 Class 8 standards, is generally used for cleaning and sterilising equipment used in operating theatres.  The stringent environmental condition is also good for surgical mask production.

The launch of the production line which commenced operation in last June and achieved ASTM Level 2 Accreditation in August makes HKBH the only hospital in Hong Kong that owns a surgical mask production line. In March 2021, the HKBH masks further attained ASTM Level 3 Accreditation. The brand products are currently supplied to hospital staff and available for sale to staff and associate doctors at cost.  Some are also donated to local NGOs in supporting the community.

With the import of smart technology and smooth cooperation among units, HKBH also becomes the first hospital in Hong Kong using intelligent disinfection robots in environmental cleansing and disinfection at the time being.

Currently the Hospital has 3 intelligent disinfection robots, with 2 using UV-C light and disinfection chemicals for thorough disinfection. In addition to regular cleansing and disinfection tasks, the robots will take up the responsibility of the first tier cleansing and disinfection works in areas where suspected cases were being detected.

Other administrative measures that the hospital carried out in fighting COVID-19 including set-up of a triage station; installation of infra-red temperature monitoring systems; restricted hospital entrance for access control; installation of alcohol hand rub dispensers at all common areas and lift lobbies; installation of plexi glasses in staff canteen and patient waiting areas; use of disposable items such as hand cuff for BP monitoring, bed cover sheets, eye shields, and etc. to avoid cross-contamination. A COVID-19 test online booking system was made available in response to the growing demand in the society.

Healthcare Asia’s Editor-in-Chief, Mr. Tim Charlton praised HKBH for its quick response and flexibility in handling the pandemic which records zero infection in the hospital, “Hong Kong Baptist Hospital has celebrated a wide range of initiatives and achievements in a year already stacked with unprecedented challenges.” He added, “From its accelerated Covid-19 response – which set the benchmark for local private hospitals in Hong Kong – to its award-winning Occupational Rehabilitation programme, HKBH has provided gold-standard industry leadership throughout these unprecedented times.”

Dr. Alex Yu, CEO of HKBH expressed his gratitude to the organiser for providing a valuable platform for healthcare sector in the region to share good practice and inspire quality improvement initiatives.  “We adopted a risk anticipation approach in fighting the pandemic.  For every step we move forward, the protection of our patients, staff and the Hospital will be enhanced,” said Dr. Yu.

In retrospect, General Manager of HKBH, Ms. Grace Wong remarked that protecting patients and staff, while reinforcing trusts are the hospital’s priority. “The idea to set up our own mask production unit not only helps in stablising essential PPE supply, it’s also an act to keep up our morale. The use of intelligent disinfection robots on one hand practically gives aid and enhances protection to our frontline cleaning staff deployed to high-risks areas, and on the other hand opens a new chapter for our up and coming “Smart Hospital” initiative, said Ms Wong.

Taken into consideration that people are hesitant to go to hospital during the pandemic, HKBH managed to open the first Ambulatory Medical Centre within just 6 months’ time with the aim to provide another option for patients who need to maintain regular check-ups and diagnosis during this period. Conveniently located in Kowloon East commercial area, the Centre came into service in last December offering a range of health screening, endoscopic, and medical imaging services.

Decisiveness, quick response, effective communication are all crucial factors in fighting the pandemic. “Over the year we’ve become more united and connected, giving us more confidence in dealing with all challenges ahead,” Dr. Yu concluded.

Photo caption: Use of intelligent disinfection robots to assist in environmental cleansing and disinfection in high-risk areas in strengthening protection towards frontline staff and patients.


Photo caption: The hospital sets up in-house surgical mask production line in producing ASTM Level III masks in securing personal protective equipment supply


Photo caption: Installation of plexi glasses in staff canteen and patient waiting area to avoid cross-infection.