Job Vacancies

Job Vacancies

Established in 1963, Hong Kong Baptist Hospital is a Christian and non-profit making private hospital dedicated to serving the public and striving to achieve our mission of "In the service of man, for the glory of God". To cope with our continuing growth, we would like to invite high calibre candidates to join our Hospital.

Release DateDeadline
1. Consultant Ophthalmologist (Contract)20/07/202403/08/2024
2. Consultant in Emergency Medicine (Contract)20/07/202403/08/2024
3. Pharmacist (Contract)12/07/202426/07/2024
4. Nursing Officer (Out-Patient Centre / Radiology)19/07/202402/08/2024
5. Registered Midwife19/07/202402/08/2024
6. Registered Nurse (Medical Ward/Mixed Ward/Surgical Ward/ICU/Oncology/OT/OPC)19/07/202402/08/2024
7. Assistant Human Resources Manager / Senior Human Resources Officer (Contract)19/07/202402/08/2024
8. Registered Nurse / Nurse Trainee (Registered Nurse) for 2024 Graduates26/02/202426/07/2024
9. 資深院牧(合約)21/04/202428/07/2024
10. Enrolled Nurse (Ward)19/07/202402/08/2024
11. Assistant Officer (Supporting Services) (Contract)12/07/202426/07/2024
12. Operating Theatre Assistant (Salary: HK$24,441 – HK$32,444) (Contract)12/07/202426/07/2024
13. Physiotherapy Assistant (Contract)19/07/202402/08/2024
14. Phlebotomist (Contract)12/07/202426/07/2024
15. Customer Services Representative (Out-Patient Centre – Night Shift) (Salary: HK$23,030 – HK$32,444) (Contract)19/07/202402/08/2024
16. Customer Services Representative (Out-Patient Centre) (Salary: HK$23,030 – HK$32,444) (Contract)19/07/202402/08/2024
17. Customer Services Representative (Admission / Cashier) (Contract)19/07/202402/08/2024
18. Ward Clerk (Contract)19/07/202402/08/2024
19. Clerk (Medical Records) (Contract)19/07/202402/08/2024
20. Clerk (Nuclear Medicine & PET Centre) (Contract)12/07/202426/07/2024
21. Clerk (Radiology) (Contract)19/07/202402/08/2024
22. 保安員 (月薪:起薪點HK$17,925至頂薪點HK$29,523) (合約)19/07/202402/08/2024
23. 見習院牧(一年合約)21/04/202428/07/2024
24. Health Care Assistant (Operating Theatre) (Contract)12/07/202426/07/2024
25. 二級健康服務員(病室/核子醫學及正電子掃描中心) (月薪:起薪點HK$19,353至頂薪點HK$24,868) (合約)28/06/202426/07/2024
26. 病人服務助理(病室) (月薪:起薪點HK$19,044至顶薪点HK$26,036) (合約)12/07/202426/07/2024
27. 二級支援服務員 (病室/支援服務部(清潔組/運送組/連續夜班)) (月薪:起薪點最高可達HK$18,131至頂薪點最高可達HK$21,479) (合約)28/06/202426/07/2024
28. 兼職二級支援服務員 (支援服務部(清潔組/運送組)) (合約) (時薪:HK$83)28/06/202426/07/2024
二級支援服務員 (病室/支援服務部(清潔組/運送組/連續夜班)) (月薪:起薪點最高可達HK$18,131至頂薪點最高可達HK$21,479) (合約)
  • 小六程度或以上
  • 具有關清潔及體力勞動工作經驗為佳
  • 連續夜班可獲額外津貼HK$1,380
  • 工作經驗達本院要求並表現良好者,有機會晉升至一級支援服務員(頂薪點最高可達HK$24,394)


以上職位需輪班工作及穿著制服,並可享有有薪年假、公衆假期、門診及住院醫療等福利。有意者請於二零二四年七月二十六日或之前附履歷及聯絡電話送交 香港浸信會醫院人力資源部

申 請 方 法


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