Counselling & Patient Support Centre

Services Overview


Counselling & Patient Support Service

Hong Kong Baptist Hospital’s Counselling & Patient Support Services is managed by a team of experienced psychological counsellors to provide professional and confidential counselling services to the public in need. All counsellors have obtained relevant master degrees and recognized qualifications.


1. Counselling Services

Professional Counselling

  • Scope of Services:
    • Emotion & Stress
    • Marital Relationships
    • Illness impact/ Recovery
    • Grief & Bereavement
  • Counselling Services Arrangement:
    • Call our centre for appointment.  Our staff will understand client’s general needs of counselling services, and arrange the first appointment for you.
    • First appointment: Counselling session is from 50 to 75 minutes (i.e. 1 to 1.5 session). Psychological Counsellor will assess the client’s need and recommend the follow-up arrangement.
    • Counselling follow-up: Usually the sessions are arranged at weekly or bi-weekly
  • Duration: 50 mins per session

Attainable goal of counselling services:

  • Reduce emotional distress
  • Learn effective ways to relieve emotions
  • Improve family/marital/personal relationships
  • Attain personal growth
  • Build up positive thinking habits
  • Reconstruct life goal
  • Cultivate gratitude and contentment
  • Rebuild self-confidence and find your own strength

Pre-marital Counselling
Psychological Counsellors will arrange assessment and provide counselling to clients, helping them to know each other more deeply and to prepare them for married life.
Assessment tools:             PREPARE/ENRICH program
Contents of counselling: expectation for marriage, family of origin, personality, communication, conflict, finance, parenting, sex life, spiritual beliefs etc.
No. of sessions:                 5 (75 mins per session)

For service charges, please refer to Counselling Fees & Promotion.

2. Patient Support Services
Provide social service resources enquiry service to patients and carers in need.

  • Social Resources Enquiries –  social services and community rehabilitation support information (enquiries by drop-in or phone calls are welcomed).
  • Counselling Consultation – help patients and care-takers in need to understand the family or emotional issues affected by illness, counselling services may be recommended if needed.
  • Patient Talks – patient emotional support talks to be held regularly.

3. Prevent Education
We have been invited to provide talks by more than 120 organizations, which include government departments, commercial organizations, NGOs, schools and churches.  Topics include stress and emotion management, family or marital relationships, illness recovery, etc.

Service Hours & Contact
Monday – Friday 9:30am – 1:00pm
2:00pm – 6:00pm
Evening Counselling Sessions:
Monday – Wednesday
6:00pm – 8:00pm
Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays Closed

For enquiries, please contact us at: (Counselling Services by appointment only)

  • 1/F, Franki Centre, 320 Junction Road, Kowloon
  • 2339 5812
  • 2339 5813
Psychological Counsellors

Dr. YAU Man Yee – Senior Service Supervisor (Counselling & Patient Support)


  • DPsy-MFT
  • HKPCA Associate Fellow
  • Certified Clinical Supervisor (HKMFTA)
  • Certified Marriage and Family Therapist (HKMFTA)
  • APCPA Registered Counsellor & Clinical Supervisor
  • MSocSc (HKU)
  • MMFT (ABS)
  • Qualified Prepare/Enrich Counsellor
  • TJTA Accredited User
  • WABC Registered Corporate Coach (RCCTM)

Ms KWOK Suk Yee – Associate Psychological Counsellor


  • MMFT (ABS)
  • Qualified Prepare/Enrich Counsellor
Counselling Fees & Promotion

Counselling Fees

50 minutes per session (more than 50 minutes would be charged by half session).

Peak hours
(After 6:00pm)

1.Individual Counselling

$700 $850
2.Marital or Family Counselling $850 $1,000

Counselling Promotion

  • Pre-marital counselling
    Target group:About-to-wed couples
Items Content


  • To complete an online questionnaire.
Counselling Content
  • Expectation for marriage, family of origin, personality, communication, conflict, finance, parenting, sex life, spiritual beliefs etc.
Service Fee
(Includes online assessment、5 sessions [75-min each] and report)
Peak hours
(After 6:00pm)


  • Counselling for Carers
    Target group:People who provides care for a family member or friend with chronic illness or old age
Items Content
Career Stress Assessment
  • To identify the stress caused by caregiving.
Counselling Content
  • To understand and relieve emotions.
  • To practice relaxation techniques.
  • To know how to adjust daily lives as a carer and maintain relationships with patient and family members.
Service Fee
(Includes assessment, 4 sessions [50-min each])
Peak hours
(After 6:00pm)