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Hong Kong Baptist Hospital Offers FREE Diabetes Screening to Promote Early Diagnosis for Prevention of Complications

Hong Kong, 3rd October 2017 – Hong Kong Baptist Hospital (HKBH) is offering 100 FREE Diabetes Screening to vulnerable population groups. Early diagnosis can reduce the risk of developing complications. One tenth population in Hong Kong is suffering from diabetes. Risk factors for type 2 diabetes mellitus include unhealthy eating habits, obesity and lack of exercises. According to the data of the Department of Health for 2014, the number of overweight people in Hong Kong is as high as 40% and the number is still increasing.

With the objective to offer early diagnosis of Diabetes to the high-risk group, the Diabetes and Endocrinology Centre at HKBH now offers FREE screening, with a quota of 100 on a first-come-first-served basis, valid until 31st December 2017.

Eligibility of applicants

  1. HKID card holder, and
  2. 45 years old or above; and have at least one of the following risk factors:
    • BMI≥ 23kg/m2 [the body mass (kg) divided by the square of the body height (m)]
    • First degree relative (i.e. parent, brother, sister, or child) with diabetes
    • Delivered a baby weighing > 9lbs or diagnosed with gestational diabetes
    • Suffer from hyperlipidemia or hypertension requiring medication treatment
  3. Preference will be given to low income or underprivileged groups such as recipients of Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) Scheme, Work Incentive Transport Subsidy Scheme or Disability Allowance Scheme.

Dr Alex Wai Yin YU, CEO of HKBH reveals, “Generally, the symptoms of diabetes are unobvious and the only way to find out is through measuring one’s blood glucose level. Complications such as retinopathy is likely to develop, and the risk of cerebrovascular disease, heart diseases, neuropathy and etc., will increase if no timely treatments. As a socially responsible organisation, our Hospital has been taking the initiative to raise awareness among the general public towards the prevention of various diseases, through offering different types of free screenings, and we are delighted by the overwhelming responses. In launching this particular diabetes screening, we hope that people will be aware of the side effects of diabetes, and gradually change to healthy life styles to maintain their health.”

The Consultant of Diabetes & Endocrinology Diabetes Centre, Dr. Wong talks about the causes of diabetes and explains that, “Pancreas is responsible for producing insulin to regulate blood glucose level. Insulin deficiency or insulin resistance causes a rise in glucose level, as the glucose cannot be utilised as the energy source. It will then be excreted out from the body, as one of the features of diabetes. In defining vulnerable population groups, apart from the well-known factors such as age (which is above 45), family history, lack of exercise, high blood pressure or hyperlipidemia, those who have given birth to baby weighing 4 kg or above, or have suffered from heart disease or stroke, are defined as diabetes vulnerable group.”

In collaboration with other specialist clinics including Pathology, Heart Centre, Dietetics, and Ophthalmology, the Diabetes and Endocrinology Centre provides holistic treatments and care to patients, emphasising on educating patients on prevention of diseases and complications. For details of the programme, please visit

Free Diabetes Screening

Please scan the below QR code for the application form, or collect it in person at one of the following locations:

Diabetes and Endocrinology Centre
Address: LG1/F, Block D, Hong Kong Baptist Hospital

Outpatient Centre
Address: G/F, Block D, Hong Kong Baptist Hospital

Admission Department 
Address: G/F, Block A, Hong Kong Baptist Hospital

Please call the Service Hotline at 2339 5888 for further enquiries.

Hong Kong Baptist Hospital is committed to serving the community with the mission of “In the Service of Man for the Glory of God”. For details about the Hospital’s CSR programmes, please visit

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