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55th Anniversary Celebration

Founded in 1963, Hong Kong Baptist Hospital has been committed to the mission of “In the Service of Man • For the Glory of God” to provide quality medical service. In celebrating our 55th Anniversary in 2018, a series of activities will be held which includes symposiums that will examine the recent and upcoming development of the medical industry. In spreading God’s love, a sequence of inspiring talks will be held by notable speakers to share their graceful moments with all staff members.

Caring for the community is all along one of the foundational stones of the Hospital.  In celebrating the 55th anniversary, the Hospital never forgets to embrace those in need.  Leverage on our professional attributes, we are  going to launch a series of free medical treatment and screening programmes, and support different charity activities.   Some of these initiatives include:

  • Support Run for Paralympians by Hong Kong Paralympic Committee and Sports Association for the Physically Disabled
  • Encourage staff to support the “SKIP-A-MEAL” campaign of World Vision
  • Free hearing tests for the elderly
  • HKBH Family Health Day
  • Join Au Shu Hung Health Centre to support 8-Hour Elderly Famine of WorldVision
  • Elderly hostel visit by the hospital volunteering team
  • Introduction of free surgery programme
  • Women health assessment plan
  • Breast Screening Programme

Signature Events for 55th Anniversary Celebration:
Date Activities
6 January 2018 Kick-off Ceremony for 55th Anniversary
30 January 2018 “Beautiful Life”  Spiritual Sharing Series (I)
4 March 2018 Conjoint Surgical Colloquium
March 2018 “Beautiful Life”  Spiritual Sharing Series (II)
26 May 2018 Nursing Forum – Holistic Care for Oncology Patients
June 2018 “Beautiful Life”  Spiritual Sharing Series (III)
July 2018 Family Health Day
July-August 2018 10,000 Steps Daily – HKBH 55th Edition
September 2018 55th Anniversary Dinner & Appreciation Awards Day
October 2018 International Doctor Day
November 2018 Pastoral Care Symposium
November 2018 Thanksgiving Worship
10 November 2018 Naming Ceremony of Oncology Centre
February 2019 Healthcare Symposium