Corporate Social Responsibility

Community Services

Apart from the provision of quality medical services, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is one of the fundamental values of Hong Kong Baptist Hospital (HKBH). HKBH has been actively participating in various medical-related projects of charities and NGOs, regularly launches free health check for the benefit of the general public, and takes part in different kinds of community charity services to give back to the society.

Some of the community services that we have participated and are supporting include:

  • Participated in the 24th Green Power Hike for a Green Future in January 2017. Alex YU Wai-yin, CEO of HKBH, took part in the Medical Service Cup together with other teams. Formed by our Supporting Services Department, the team「原動力」crossed the finish line first in the 10k race – we thereby obtained the first major award in 2017;
  • Participated in the “全城護眼築福香港” campaign in 2014 to provide eye consultations for under-privileged children referred by HKAPES;
  • Joined the Haemodialysis Public-Private Partnership Programme put forward by the Hospital Authority. Qualified ESRF patients currently receiving treatments from either public or grant hospitals can enjoy haemodialysis service at affordable cost;
  • The first local medical organization to support the Relief & Charity (RCS) Bed Service Program in Haven of Hope Sister Annie Skau Holistic Care Centre (SASHCC) since 2012;
  • Establishment of volunteer team “Volunteer 222” in 2012 to encourage staff and student nurses to participate in various community programs such as Blood Donation Day and other charity programs. Accreditations are given to staff who are active in participating in volunteer service;
  • Supported the Match & Go Child Development Fund sponsorship project since 2012;
  • Supported “Choi Wan Good Neighbours Health Network” since 2012;
  • Establishment of the first community health centre in Tokwawan in 2011 with a view to extend its medical and pastoral care services to the local community. The Centre is comprised of Renal Centre, Holistic HealthCare Centre and Chinese Medicine Clinic;
  • Subsidize patients and their families with great financial difficulties;
  • Free bone scan service provided to HA patients on long waiting list as referred by Kowloon East Cluster;
  • Supported 8-Hour Elderly Famine of WorldVision and encouraged staff to support the “SKIP-A-MEAL” campaign;
  • Baptist Holistic Home Care Service Centre provides ‘one-stop-shop’ to individuals who are in need of professional home care after hospitalization;
  • Set up Au Shue Hung Health Care Service Centre in 1983 to provide its elderly members with diversified activities, ministry service and nursing care advice.