The School of Nursing

The School of Nursing (SN)

SN aims at developing professional nurses who are driven by vocational calling to deliver safe, holistic, managed and ethical care through holistic education with the spirit of Christ. By providing quality nursing education, our ultimate aim is to support the Hospital’s mission “In the Service of Man s For the Glory of God” to serve our patients and their families with excellent care and to glorify God in our work and service.

The School, with an area of over 8000 sq. ft, comprises of 2 good sized Lecture Halls, a 30-seat seminar room, 3 spacious Skill Laboratories, a meeting room, a Library with e-resources and books, a Computer Laboratory and fully furnished Lounge for relaxation and study, and free WiFi access. The School offers quality education for training of enrolled nurses at Higher Diploma level as well as registered nurses in collaboration with universities.

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