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Embracing the spirit of Christ and through holistic education, the School aims at developing professional nurses who are driven by vocational calling to deliver safe, holistic, managed and ethical care. By providing quality nursing education, our ultimate aim is to support the Hospital’s mission to serve our patients and their families with excellent care and to glorify God in our work and service.

Nursing as a caring practice, both relational and contextual, is more than a collection of techniques, but an integrated whole that requires the practitioner to develop character, knowledge and skill in order to contribute to the development of the practice.

Nursing education is both collective and cumulative, and will profit from experiential learning in clinical practice setting. We believe in close connection of teaching and learning. The interactive teaching-learning process foster the mutual development between teachers and learners.

Nursing education is part and parcel of the profession, aiming at nurturing students in the development and growth of their personal character and professional competency. Nursing students are equipped to master critical thinking and autonomous decision making, through active teaching and learning strategies including evidence-based practice and reflective learning.

The School was opened in 1983 for the training of Enrolled Nurses (EN) with full recognition from the Nursing Council of Hong Kong. In 2003, same as other nursing schools in Hong Kong, the School temporarily suspended the training of Pupil Enrolled Nurses (PEN), but continued to be venue for clinical practicum of different nurse training programmes that was run by local universities.

In March 2007, the School resumed its operation and offered Diploma in General Nursing (Enrolled Nurse), in collaboration with the School of Professional and Continuous Education of the University of Hong Kong (HKU SPACE).

The School subsequently ran the programme for three cohorts on its own from 2009 to 2011. In 2012, the School was equipped with well-managed structure and systems with experienced educators as well as updated facilities and resources. The PEN Programme (the Programme) was then advanced from Diploma to the Higher Diploma (HD) in General Nursing (Enrolled Nurses). The School commenced its first cohort of HD education in Jan 2012 with 60 students.

The Programme is accredited by both the Nursing Council of Hong Kong and awarded QF 4 by the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualification.

Warm and memorable Opening and Graduation Ceremonies are organized every year with the participation of family members of students and graduates. Highlights of the Ceremony include the capping ceremony, the passing of Nightingale’s Lantern from the Chief Nursing Officer, and the reading of the Nightingale’s pledge by all students.

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