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Patient's Charter

The Patients' Charter describes both your rights and responsibilities when you use our services. Such understanding will make your relationship with health care providers a mutually beneficial one, and improve your care effectiveness.

Right to Medical Treatment

Receive medical advice and treatment which meet the current standard of care.

Right to Information

Access a clear description of your medical condition, with diagnosis, prognosis and possible complications.

Obtain information on purpose and related risks before consenting for investigation and treatment proposed.

Know the name, effect and common serious side-effects of a medication prescribed.

Informed about options of available health care services and common items of charges, and be advised by your doctor about the fees for all recommended procedures.

Right to Choices

Accept or refuse any treatment or investigation, and to be informed of the likely consequences of doing so.

Seek a second medical opinion.

Choose whether or not to take part in clinical research.

Choose whether or not to participate in customer opinion survey.

Right to Privacy

Have your privacy, dignity and cultural beliefs respected under the condition that no harm is caused to other patients and health care providers.

Have information relating to your medical condition kept confidential.

Right to Feedback / Complain

Make a feedback or complaint which is to be handled objectively within our service pledge.

Follow hospital rules to show consideration for the rights of other patients and health care providers.

Cooperate with health care providers, maintaining trust and showing mutual respect.

Give as much information as you can, including your past illnesses, medication history and allergies details.

Follow the prescribed and agreed treatment plan, and conscientiously comply with the instructions given.

Keep your appointments and give early notification if you are unable to attend.

Keep good custody of your personal belongings.

Pay the incurred charges and fees for the medical services you received.

Ask not the health care providers to furnish incorrect information, receipts, documents or certificates or to make incorrect entry into medical records.

Please read this note before you provide any personal data to us.

As your doctors / nurses / health care providers, we have to ask you to provide your personal data (including health information) or obtain from any appropriate third party your medical history and any relevant information for your treatment, health care or hospital statistical and audit purposes.

When you provide personal data to us, please make sure that the data is accurate and complete. If you do not provide us with the information required or if the information provided is inaccurate or incomplete, our ability to provide appropriate treatment/health care to you may be affected. Requests for the necessary correction to the data can be made by phone at 2339 8805 in accordance with Section 22 of the Ordinance.

Handling fee is required for medical report / duplicate of medical records. Please refer to the attached fee schedule.

Please note and accept that your personal data may be made available to:

Other doctors / health care providers who require it for purposes related to your health care;

The Court if so ordered, subpoenaed, or to such other persons as required by law;

The Department of Health, HKSAR where necessary.

Hospital statistical and audit purposes.

For suggestions / complaints regarding our hospital services, please contact Department In-Charge on the spot. You may also call Patient Relations Manager at 2339 8488 (office hours) or Nursing Officer In-Charge at 2339 8888 (non-office hours).

For complaints related to professional misconduct of medical practitioners and para-medical staff, please contact Hong Kong Medical Council at 2873 5131.

Other queries can also be directed to the Department of Health, HKSARG at 2961 8507.

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