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Introduction of Pharmacy Department

The Pharmacy Department of Hong Kong Baptist Hospital (HKBH) provides 24-hours, 7 days a week medication dispensing and counseling services to patients and their relatives. A 24-hour Drug Information Inquiry Hotline is available (23398964) for customers who encountered problems or uncertainties related to their medication use. Apart from helping patients to use medicines correctly, we provide 24-hour informational and advisory support to our associated doctors.

In order to cope with the ever-changing needs and expectations of our patients and to ensure medication safety, the department improves its service quality proactively and continuously. Over the years, the hospital has participated two overseas accreditation programs (Trent Accreditation Scheme and Australian Council on Healthcare Standards, ACHS) and was accredited. Regarding internal staff development, every pharmacy colleague is encouraged to participate in continuous education programs or seminars to ensure that their medicinal knowledge, technical skills and attitudes can keep pace with changing demands in clinical practice.

Inpatient and Outpatient Pharmacy Services

Our inpatient and outpatient pharmacy services focus on dispensing medications based on doctors’ medication orders. Throughout the dispensing process, pharmacy professionals will examine prescriptions to ensure that legally required information is in place and medication usage is appropriate. These information include patient's name, hospital number, medicine names, allergy history, directions, dosages, doctor's signature and so forth. Next, handwritten prescription orders are input into our computer system to generate Chinese or English labels containing the patient's name, medicine name, directions, cautionary instructions, etc. All labeled medicines will be checked again by another colleague before being issued. In issuing medications to patients, pharmacy professionals will teach them on medication use and respond to related enquiries. When there is doubt on the directions, we will contact the prescribers to discuss and to clarify the details for our patients.

Since 2003, our resident doctors have been using a computerized prescribing system. This system assures the accuracy of our dispensing service and it improves our efficiency and shortens patient waiting time.

Medication counseling and education services

Pharmacy department has started a discharge medication counseling service in 2010. The objectives of this service are to improve patients' understanding about their discharge medicines and to assist them in using them correctly in order to attain intended therapeutic outcomes. Pharmacy professionals will study the patients’ medication administration records and the discharge medication orders first. Then, they will educate discharge patients on the use, on the precautions and on other relevant information of their medicines.

Upon referral by nurses, pharmacists will provide bedside counseling on medicines to patients with special needs. In addition to the correct use of the medicines, this consultation also includes providing information on the precautions and common undesirable effects of each medicine.

To educate our patients, not only pharmacy designs its own medication information leaflets but also obtain pamphlets from Department of Health and drug manufacturers. We provide them to patients who need them for free. Besides, pharmacy has a medication counseling room serving as a quieter place for patients to learn about their medicines when necessary. In addition, pharmacy can provide medicinal labels printed in larger fonts to help those who need them.

Besides educating our patients, pharmacy has enthusiastically participated in educating our community. We have organized educational seminars with Au Shue Hung Health Center over years. Topics covered medicinal knowledge, medication safety and common drug usage problems, etc.

In addition to the above, pharmacy also deliver medication seminars to nurses and nursing students to improve their medicinal knowledge so that our patients can have safer and more effective care.

Pharmacy Facilities

Pharmacy Manufacturing Room

The Pharmacy Manufacturing Room is mainly used to prepare antiseptic solutions and prescribed medicines with dosage forms that are not available from drug companies. It also caters for the need arises from temporary or shortage on some chemical items.

Distilled water is used as the water supply in preparing pharmacy manufactured products to ensure that the water used is of high quality. Moreover, there is a fume cupboard installed in the room for handling substances that are volatile or harmful to operators.

Chemotherapy Medicine Preparation Room

We have designed a Chemotherapy Medicine Preparation Room with special equipment, airflow design and furnishing for preparing chemotherapeutic medicines (medicines for treating cancer). This room provides a quiet, clean and germ-free environment for our trained staff to prepare chemotherapy medicines to ensure that the medicines prepared are safe and effective in helping patients to achieve their treatment goals.

These facilities also protect our staff from being contaminated by chemotherapeutic medicines during the preparatory process. Colleagues responsible for the preparation of chemotherapy medicines are properly trained and their skills are evaluated annually.

Aseptic Preparation Room and Clean Bench

The Aseptic Preparation Room is specially designed for preparing Total Parenteral Nutrition products or other intravenous preparations according to the doctor's prescription. It serves in the preparation of medicines for critically ill or immuno-compromised patients like some early-born babies or cancer patients who are vulnerable and unable to eat or drink. The whole process is undergone in a clean and germ-free environment by trained pharmacy staff to prepare medicines that are safe for patients.

Besides, we will use the unit to prepare preparations like eye drops that are not available in the market or those require high standards in sterility and cleanliness to meet the specific needs of patients.

In order to improve the safety in using Concentrated Potassium intravenous preparation, pharmacy has installed a Clean Bench to provide Potassium Admixing Service to provide patient with safe intravenous Potassium infusion solutions. This eliminates the risk of using concentrated Potassium injections on patients.

Medication Store and Cold Room

Pharmacy has advanced storage cabinets storing more than 2500 different medications. The temperature of Medication Store is controlled under 25°C. Temperature is checked two times a day by designated staff. Moreover, the expiry dates and conditions of medicines are checked regularly to ensure the quality of our medicines. Furthermore, pharmacy has a medicinal cold room with alarming system to store vaccines and medicines that need to be refrigerated. To ensure quality and safety, all medicines kept in our inventory are registered under regulation of the Hong Kong Department of Health.

For enquiries, please contact us at:
Pharmacy Department

Address : G/F, Block B, Hong Kong Baptist Hospital
Telephone : 2339 8964

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