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Other Check-up Programmes

Women Health Plan

Items Details Plan 1 Plan 2
Nurse Assessment Education for Self-breast Examination
Physical Examination Including Breast Examination
Doctor Consultation  
(2 Visits)

(2 Visits)
Investigation Report  
Investigations Pap Smear
  USG Pelvis
  USG Breasts
  Bone Densitometry
  Standard Price $3050 $5050
  Package Price $2430 $4030

Cancer Marker Investigations Plan

Items Male Female
Laboratory Tests
Alpha Feto Protein
Carcinoembryonic Antigen
Carbonhydrate Antigen 19.9
EBV Antibodies for NPC Screening
Total Prostate Specific Antigen
Cancer Antigen 125  
Standard Price $2930 $2970
Cancer Marker Investigations Plan are entitled to clients who joined the Standard and Executive Packages

Pre-marital / Pre-pregnant Health Check Programme

Health Examination and Assessment Plan
Female Male
Items Pre-
Nurse Assessment
Physical Examination by doctor
Doctor Consultation
(1 Visit)

(2 Visits)

(1 Visit)
Investigation Report
Complete Blood Count
Blood Group Test
Hepatitis B Surface Antigen
Rubella Antibody - IgG
Gynaecological Smear
Ultrasound Pelvis
Venereal Disease Screening – VDRL and HIV Antibody
Semen Analysis
Standard Price $2385 $4135 $2220
Package Price $1720 $2810 $1550

China Visa Plans

Item China Visa Shanghai China Visa
Physical Examination by Doctor
Doctor Consultation
(1 visit)

(1 visit)
Investigation Report
Chest Radiology
Blood Grouping
Alanine Aminotrasferase (GPT/ALT)  
Asparate Aminotrasferase (GOT/AST)
HIV Antibodies
Hepatitis B Antigen
Hepatitis A (IgG)  
Hepatitis C Antibody  
Standard Price $3760 $5540
Package Price $2280 $3840

For enquiries: 2339 7228
All prices and items are subject to change without prior notification.

*With immediate effect

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