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Hong Kong Baptist Hospital offers 24-hour peri-operative anaesthetic service to patients undergoing surgical and medical procedure. We aim to provide a safe environment for all our patients.

Our team of experienced anaesthesiologists will provide a comprehensive range of services covering both inside and outside the main Operating Theatre Complex.

The clinical area outside the Operating Theatre Complex where anaesthesia services may be required include the Endoscopy Centre, Heart Centre, Radiology Department, Nuclear Medicine & PET Centre and Radiotherapy & Oncology Centre.

Our clinical services include:

Pre-operative anaesthetic assessment


Anaesthesia for elective and emergency operation


Monitored Anaesthetic Care (MAC) for surgical / medical procedure


Acute Pain Management


Epidural Service for Obstetrics patient with labour pain


In-hospital Resuscitation


Intensive Care Consultation for venous / arterial access, ventilator care and airway management


Intra-hospital and Inter – hospital transfer of patients


Chronic Pain Management

Pre-operative assessment is usually performed at the anaesthetic clinic or after admission to the hospital. The anaesthesiologist will check on the patient’s health condition, current medication and past anaesthesia experience, and followed by a discussion on the anaesthetic technique. Patient’s consent for anaesthesia will be obtained at the same time.

During anaesthesia, while the patient is asleep, the anaesthesiologist will stay with the patient. The patient will be monitored closely to ensure safety throughout the entire surgical procedure. The patient will be offered the best possible pain management after the operation. The anaesthesiologist will continue to look after the patient until he/she has recovered from the anaesthesia in the Post Anaesthetic Care Unit (PACU).

Our hospital maintains high professional standard through the promotion of academic exchange and experience sharing during regular Continuing Medical Education (CME) programme.

The role of the anaesthesiologist is to ensure the patient’s safety during the surgery, and to offer the best possible pain management after the operation. A detailed assessment on the patient’s health condition will be carried out before the surgery. Further laboratory tests may be required and clinical consultation with other specialist doctors may be necessary for some patients.

The patient will have the opportunity to discuss any area of concern with the anaesthesiologist.

Please bring along the following to the clinic:

ALL medications that you are currently taking, whether tablets, injections, inhalational puffs, drops or creams, and

whether prescribed by your doctor or not

Any relevant X rays, CT / MRI scans or other investigations

Any relevant letter or test result from other doctors

Past medical record

Please click on the following button to watch the video “Anaesthesia and You” to understand more about the patient’s hospital stay during the surgical procedure.

Monday - Friday 10:00am to 6:00pm
Closed on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays

For enquiries and appointments, please contact us at:
Anaesthetic Clinic
Address : LG1/F, Block D, Hong Kong Baptist Hospital
Telephone : 2339 8203
Fax : 2339 7204

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