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Pre-marital Health Screening Discount Promotion Now Extends to Dec 2018

The Pre-marital Health Screening aims to help about-to-wed couples gain a better understanding of their health. Discount promotion is now further extended to 31st December 2018. Discount promotion includes:

Pre-marital Health Screening Promotion:

Pre-marital health screening (women) at $1,720 (original price at $2,385);
Pre-marital health screening (men) at $1,550 (original price at $2,220)

Offer valid from 3rd January to 31st December, 2018.

About Pre-marital Health Screening
Pre-marital Health Screening is for male and female who are going to be married and helps themselves to understand their pre-marital health conditions. For more information on the Pre-marital Health Screening, please call Wellness Centre at 2339 7228.

Note : Price is subject to change without prior notice.

Upload date: 02/01/18
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