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Free Diabetes Screening


One in every ten people in Hong Kong is suffering from diabetes. Risk factors for type 2 diabetes mellitus include unhealthy eating habits, obesity and lack of exercises. According to the figures by the Department of Health for 2014, the number of overweight people in Hong Kong is as high as 40% and the numbers are increasing. In view of this, the Hong Kong Baptist Hospital launches a FREE Diabetes Screening in 100 quota to help high-risk individuals for an early detection so as to reduce chances for developing complications. Applications are open from 3 October 2017 to 31 December 2017.


Eligibility of applicants:

1. HKID card holder, and
2. 45 years old or above; and have at least one of the following risk factors:


BMI ≥ 23kg/m2 [the body mass (kg) divided by the square of the body height (m)]


First degree relative (i.e. parent, brother, sister, or child) with diabetes


Delivered a baby weighing > 9lbs or diagnosed with gestational diabetes


Suffer from hyperlipidemia or hypertension requiring medication treatment


Preference will be given to low income or underprivileged groups such as recipients of Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) Scheme, Work Incentive Transport Subsidy Scheme or Disability Allowance Scheme.

Application :
Application forms are available at our Diabetes and Endocrinology Centre, or click HERE to download. Please complete the form with supporting document, send by post or submit to Diabetes and Endocrinology Centre (Address at Block D, LG1, Hong Kong Baptist Hospital, 222 Waterloo Road, Kowloon)


Free Diabetes Screening will be provided on first-come-first-served basis. For enquiries, please call our Hotline at 2339 5888.


Upload date: 03/10/17
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