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  1. Admission
  2. Admission Policy
  3. Discharge
  4. Medical Report / Patient's Information Application Fee
  5. Charges and Payment
  6. Room Types and Charges
  7. Pastoral Care Service
  8. Other Services / Information
    1. Volunteer Service
    2. Meals Service
    3. Rehab Shop
    4. Car Park
    5. Telephone Service
    6. Fax Service
    7. Internet Access
    8. Interpretation Service
    9. Nurse Training Programme
    10. Common hospitalization insurance claim forms
  9. Visitation
  10. House Rule
  11. Personal Data (Privacy)
  12. Patients' Charter
  13. Suggestions or Comments

I. Admission

1. To be referred by the attending physician.
2. Please bring along your personal amenities, pyjamas, slippers etc. Supplies by the Hospital are chargeable items.
3. Please bring the following for registration at Admission Department, G/F of Block A:
Doctor's referral letter
Hong Kong ID card or passport
Relatives or guarantor's ID card or passport(If patient is under the age of 18)
Deposit, medical insurance card or a letter of guarantee from the approved credit account or insurance company.
4. Registration:
Fill in the admission registration form
Undergo triage assessment by nurse
Room selection
Pay a deposit. Please keep the receipt for discharge settlement. The deposit will be deducted from the invoice upon discharge. Unless there is surplus balance, no refund will be made.
Our staff will show you to the room.

II. Admission Policy

1. To ensure that we can provide safe and good quality service, prior to admission, patients are required to :
Furnish an Admission Letter duly signed by the attending doctor who has seen and assessed the patient;
Make reservation of a hospital bed, by the attending doctor;
Undergo infection triage by a nurse, and lodge at special care or isolation ward as necessary.
2. When we are overbooked or unable to provide a particular type of accommodation such as intensive care or isolation care bed which is required for the patient, we could only make arrangement to transfer the patient to another hospital.
3. For safety, public health or operational reasons, we do not admit patients with the following conditions :
Conditions Examples
Psychiatric Illness
Serious Psychiatric Illness
Suicidal Tendency
Violent Behaviour
Infectious Disease
Small Pox
Pneumonic Plague
Influenza A H2、 H5、N7、N9
Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)
Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD)
Police Case
Murder/ Manslaughter/ Attempted Suicide
Serious bodily harm
Possession or trafficking of dangerous drugs
Traffic Accident (unless patient has sought medical treatment in Hospital Authority hospital and reported to the Police already.)
Abuse or Neglect of Care
Injuries due to Robbery or Fight
Other criminal cases

III. Discharge

1. A discharge advice signed by your attending doctor is required before we process your discharge.
2. The discharge bill will be sent to you in the ward in approximately 60 minutes from the time when the attending doctor completes the discharge document.
3. Please present the discharge bill and deposit receipt to the Cashier for settlement. If hospital charges are to be paid by an approved credit account, please bring along the relevant documents to the Cashier e.g. company's undertaking, insurance card and Hong Kong Identity Card. Patient will be required to sign on the hospital bill.
Please click here to download the list of medical insurance cards that are accepted by HKBH, please enquire with the insurance agent for insurance coverage.
4. Please collect your medicine. (If applicable)
5. For maternity, a longer processing time is usually required as we need to process the bills for the mother and the baby together.
6. Access Your Own Medical Record
a. You may request access to your own record for a handling fee with an application in writing. Please contact our Medical Records Department for information.(Hotline: 2339-8824)
b. If your doctor is not our resident doctor, please contact him/her directly if filling of an insurance claim form/ a medical report is required.

IV. Medical Report / Patient's Information Application Fee

# Items Fees


Medical Report (by Resident Doctors)

Minimum charge of HK$720, subject to the type and complexities of the request.


Insurance Claim Form (by Resident Doctors)




Free if request is made on or before discharge.

Handling fee of HK$200 for request made after discharge (per copy).

HK$120 (per copy)


Duplicate Copy of Medical Record

HK$300 for less than 30 pages

HK$600 for 31 to 50 pages

Reproduction charge for the 51th page and onward is HK$2 per page

Local delivery charge of HK$200


Birth Date & Time Copy

HK$300 (per copy)


Re-issue of Immunization Record

HK$300 (per copy)


Certificate of Hospitalization (i.e. date of admission & discharge, attendance record)

HK$300 (per copy)


Copy of Invoice/ Receipt




HK$100 (per episode)

HK$50 (per invoice)


X-ray film





Xerox Paper Booklet

HK$230 per CD (no report included)

HK$230 per film (no report included)

HK$530 per copy (Image plus report, without CD)

Note: We regret that we would not handle the insurance claim form and medical report for patients under the care of our visiting doctors. Please contact the attending doctors directly. Please refer to Medical Record Department for details. [With effect from 3 Oct 2017]

Please click here to download Medical Report / Data Access Request Form.

With effect from 1/7/2017

V. Charges and Payment

1. Bed Charges
Bed charge is levied on daily basis with the cut-off time set at 12:00 mid-night
Check-out time is 1:00pm. One-day bed charge will be calculated after 1:00pm. One-day bed charge will be calculated on the first day of admission, regardless of the length of stay on that day.
Check-out time is 1:00pm. One-day bed charge will be calculated after 1:00pm.
Bed charge does not include the charges of any hospital services, including but not limited to the following:
Investigation (e.g. X-ray examinations, pathology laboratory tests, endoscopy etc.)
Treatment procedures, use of special equipment and medical gas etc.
Operation Theatre, Delivery Room, Lithotripsy Theatre etc.
Special nursing procedures, Physiotherapy etc.
Doctors' professional fee (surgery, attendance, anaesthesia etc.)
Companion bed or chair (except Paediatric Ward)
Note: Doctors will determine the investigations, treatments and care services required in accordance with patients' clinical conditions and progress of treatment. Hence the Hospital would not be able to provide an estimate of the hospital charges on admission.
2. Bed Transfer
Patient needs to pay a handling charge for requesting bed transfer.
The bed charge for the transfer day will be the average of the beds occupied on that day. For example, if patient is transferred from Bed A to Bed B, the bed charge of this day will be the average of the bed charge of Bed A and Bed B.
Intensive Care Unit (ICU) / High Dependency Unit (HDU):
One-day ICU / HDU bed charge will be calculated on the day of transferring into the ICU / HDU.
On transfer from ICU / HDU to an ordinary room, the bed charge of that day will be an average of the ICU / HDU bed and the ordinary bed.
Averaging out the bed charge on the day of transfer is not applicable to certain bed types, including Renal Dialysis, Chemotherapy, Sleep Test, Day Bed.
Surgical operation or cardiac catheterization charges at the rate of higher room class will apply when a patient is transferred to a room of higher room class within 48 hours after the operation.
Occasionally we will transfer a patient to another bed to meet operational need. Your kind cooperation is much appreciated.
Note: Our Hospital reserves the right of final interpretation of the bed charge policy.
3. Hospital Charges and Doctors' Fees
Hospital charges for treatment procedures, investigations, medications and operations etc are higher than the standard rates (Standard Wards) respectively for other types of beds. Brief as below:
Room Type Additional Charge
Standard Plus Room 15% - 25%
Semi-private Room 30% - 50%
Private Room 60% - 100%
Surcharge will be levied if services are required outside office hours and during holidays. Non-office hours and additional rates vary with service types. Please inquire with our staff whenever necessary.
Doctor's fee, surgeon fee, delivery fee, and anesthesia fee etc please inquire with your attending physician.
For the safety and benefit of patients, all medical supplies, equipment and medication are to be provided by the Hospital.
General hospital charges list is available at our web site. All charges and contents are subject to revision without prior notice.
4. Payment Method
Payment can be made by cash, EPS, credit card, China Union Pay, bank draft or cheque (Except Non-Hong Kong Resident).
An in-house bill will be sent to patients or their relatives every four days. Please settle the bill after receiving it.
On the day of discharge, please settle all payment before leaving the hospital.
5. If your hospital bills are to be settled by an approved credit account or insurance company:
You need to present a letter of guarantee from your employer or insurance company on registration.
A handling fee may apply for claim form application after patient being discharged. Please contact our Medical Records Department for information at hotline: 2339-8824.
The Patient’s name on the insurance form must be exactly the same as the patient’s name on the admission document. The Hospital shall not be responsible for any discrepancy.
We do not accept guarantee issued by overseas companies.
Please consult your agent directly for insurance coverage.
Please click here to download the list of medical insurance cards that are accepted by HKBH, please enquire with the insurance agent for insurance coverage.

VII. Pastoral Care Service

1. Chaplains regularly visit patients and family members to provide pastoral care.
2. You are welcome to call a chaplain for consultation on issues concerning emotional and spiritual matters.
3. Sunday service (in Cantonese) will be held in the Chapel located at 9/F, Block D, at 3:30-4:30 pm. The service will be broadcasted through Baptist Hospital Channel (Channel 5) and pillow speakers. Please refer to announcement posted in the Hospital.
4. Small Chapel and Prayer Rooms are available.
5. Books and magazines are available on loan to patients from Pastoral Care Department.
6. Mobile Libraries are located at the waiting area of Paediatrics Ward and Coronary Care Unit for checking out.
7. Hospital news, health news, gospel programs are broadcasted every day through Baptist Hospital Channel (Channel 5).
8. Enquiry to pastoral care service: 2339 8908

VIII. Others Services / Information

1. Volunteer Services
Hospital volunteer workers provide mobile library service and participate in patient gatherings. Their service may be adjusted according to the Hospital infection control measures.
2. Meals Service
Special set meals designed for therapeutic needs are available through the Hospital Dietitian. Please contact the nurses if therapeutic diets are required. Charges will be included in the hospital bill.
The canteen is open from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm. Patient may order food from the canteen through extension 8818 or 8819. A menu is provided in each room.
After 8:15pm, only light food and beverages will be provided.
3. Rehab Shop
Sells rehabilitation products. (including electric beds, shower chairs, wheelchairs, personal amenities, flowers, drinks, gifts etc ....)
Referral on private nurse during the hospitalization, enquiry and referral on community care services.
Provides transportation service for discharges and medical appointment to and from the Hospital.
Address: G/F, Bock B, Hong Kong Baptist Hospital
Service Hours: 10 am to 8 pm (Monday to Sunday)
Service Hotline: 2339 7873
4. Car Park
Car park located at Block C. Parking fee on hourly basis. To meet operational need, usually visitor parking is suspended during the morning session (except Sundays and Public Holidays).
5. Telephone Service
If a telephone extension is available, patients can press "9" for an outside line.
Public phones are available on some floors. A cardphone with IDD access is available at the lobby on G/F of Block B, next to the elevator.
Only Private and Semi-private Rooms are connected to incoming calls.
6. Fax Service
We may arrange fax transmission for patients. A handling fee plus the tolls will be charged.
7. WiFi Access Service
WiFi access service are available at wards and some areas . Patients may access internet with their own notebook computer.
8. Interpretation Service
Our staff speak Cantonese, Putonghua and English. As necessary, the Hospital may connect patients to external interpretation service to facilitate their communication with the care providers. Patients will need to pay for the service. Enquiry: 2339 8805 Admission Department.
9. Nurse Training Programme
The Hong Kong Baptist Hospital is one of the hospitals in Hong Kong with a Nursing School accredited by The Nursing Council of Hong Kong. We offer clinical practicum for nurse learners of our Nursing School and other tertiary educational institutions. All nurse learners are supervised by highly qualified nurse educators and clinical instructors to provide quality nursing service for our clients.
10. Common inpatient insurance claim forms can be download here. The Hospital does not provide download or printing service.

IX. Visiting Hours

1. The number of visitors is restricted to two per time per patient at Intensive Care Unit
2. Only parents are allowed to visit the baby if he/ she is under incubator or phototherapy care.
3. Please do not allow children into patients' rooms for the sake of their health.
4. Patient's relatives or friends may inquire your room no. with the Admission reception desk. If you want to keep your hospitalization private, please inform the staff of Admission or the Ward

X. House Rule

1. For the serenity and well-being of patients:
Please keep the Hospital environment quiet and peaceful;
Not more than two visitors per patient per visit is recommended
2. Patients are strongly advised not to keep any valuables or excessive cash in the room during their hospital stay. Personal belongings and mobile phone should be secured in the locker. The Hospital will not be responsible for any loss or missing of personal belonging.
3. Please keep away from medical equipment when you use mobile phone in the ward area.
4. In accordance with laws :
DO NOT give any tips or gifts to our staff in order not to contravene the Prevention of Bribery Ordinance.
No gambling of any form in the Hospital.
Smoking is prohibited.
5. The following activities are not allowed within the hospital premises :
Carrying any animals
Use of electric appliances
Bringing food with strong smell (e.g. durian)
No washing or hang dry of cloth is not allowed.
Burning of incense, joss sticks or others.
6. During your stay in ward :
Please do not leave the ward. Prior notice must be given to nurse if so required.
Only the hospital staff is allowed to adjust the air-conditioning.
Please use the ward facilities and equipment with care. The Hospital reserves the right to demand compensation for damage, if any.
7. Companion Bed:
Female rooms: Female Companion only (except Private Rooms)
Other rooms: Male or female companion
8. Except private class, service hour of TVs in ward is 7:00am to 12:00 midnight.

XI. Personal Data (Privacy)

Please read this note before you provide any personal data to us.
As your doctors / nurses / health care providers, we have to ask you to provide your personal data (including health information) or obtain from any appropriate third party your medical history and any relevant information for your reatment, health care or hospital statistical and audit purposes.
When you provide personal data to us, please make sure that the data is accurate and complete. If you do not provide us with the information required or if the information provided is inaccurate or incomplete, our ability to provide appropriate treatment/health care to you may be affected. Requests for the necessary correction to the data can be made by phone at 2339 8805 in accordance with Section 22 of the Ordinance.
Handling fee is required for medical report / duplicate of medical records. Please contact Medical records Department (Hotline:23398824). We take all reasonably practicable steps to ensure that your Personal Data are protected against unauthorized or accidental access or use.
However, please note and accept that your personal data may be made available to:
Other doctors / health care providers who require it for purposes related to your health care;
The Court if so ordered, subpoenaed, or to such other persons as required by law;
The Department of Health, HKSAR where necessary.
Hospital statistical and audit purposes.

XII. Patients' Charter

Please click here for detail.

XIII. Suggestions or Comments

We welcome suggestions and comments on our hospital services. Please contact the Nursing Officer or Department In-Charge on the spot. Or you may contact the following teams as required :
The right to information about what health care services are available, and what charges are involved.
Patient Relations Department at 2339 8488 (Office hours)
Nursing Officer In-Charge at 2339 8888 (Non-office hours).
For complaints related to professional misconduct of medical practitioners and para-medical staff, please contact Hong Kong Medical Council at 2873 5131.
Other queries can also be directed to the Department of Health, HKSAR, at 2961 8507.
Our Hospital reserves the right of final interpretation of the content of this webpage. Information given is subject to change without prior notice.

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