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Established in 1963, Hong Kong Baptist Hospital (HKBH) has been serving Hong Kong people for half a century. HKBH is an established private hospital, and a health care institution of the Baptist Convention of Hong Kong.

Under the Medical Department of the Baptist Convention of Hong Kong, HKBH started as a clinic in the 1950s and gradually developed into a general hospital as it is today. Following the extension of the South Wing in 1979, and the completion of the East Wing and Block D in 1982 and 2008 respectively, HKBH sought to maximise its contribution to the healthcare industry and grew to be a large modern private medical institution with more than 800 beds and a staff strength of over 2,200.

As a Christian hospital, HKBH strives to honour God by serving the needy, and ensuring the physical, psychological, social and spiritual well-being of individuals, and to fulfil our mission of providing holistic healthcare. Our strong and dedicated team of chaplaincy staff offers religious and spiritual support to our staff, patients and their families with sensitivity and compassion.

The new Block E has commenced services in March 2015 and its facilities will be opened in different phases. It represents an important advancement in the services of HKBH.

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Hospital Values

HKBH is a value-driven hospital, we believe that :
  • Patient is our primary client and concern
  • "There is no hospital without patients"
  • Care is our core business and value
  • "Never harm, sometimes cure, always care"
  • Staff is an indispensable part of our asset and service
  • "There is no satisfied patients without satisfied staff"
  • God is our ultimate meaning and measures
  • "Our Mission is to bring Benefit to Man for the Glory of God"

    The mission of HKBH is to provide holistic healthcare in the name of Jesus Christ. By offering both medical and spiritual succour to the community, we strive to ensure the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of individuals for the Glory of God. It is our aim to:
    • Provide holistic and high quality hospital services to the community;
    • Serve according to Christian principles and values;
    • Render high quality medical facilities and hospital environment;
    • Work in close partnership with private practitioners to optimise the care of patients; and
    • Manage resources carefully to enhance the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of our hospital services.

    Corporate Social Responsibility

    Corporate Social Responsibility is fundamental to HKBH’s culture. Apart from the provision of quality medical services to the Hong Kong community, HKBH also contributes to the society by operating the hospital in a responsible manner and providing services with care.

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