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Volunteer Service

The Hong Kong Baptist Hospital provides opportunity to volunteers of any ages to serve the patients and their families directly and indirectly. It provides the volunteer with systematic training to understand the Hospital operation and the need of the patients. People can develop their potential through the training and volunteer services to the patients. Volunteers can participate in Gospel Ambassador, Paediatrics Volunteers, or as General Volunteer to give help in different wards/ departments.

The Pastoral Care Department organizes training for the Christians who have the mission to serve the Hospital patients. They can home visit patients and families to listen to them, to show care & concern, and to share the Love of God with them.

For enquiries, please contact us at:
2339 8910 (Pastoral Care Department)

Hospital Volunteer of General Duties

The Hospital welcomes schools or institution to organize volunteer service in taking up different general duties. They can help on paediatric mobile book shelf, opinion survey, clinical or operational support.

For enquiries, please contact us at:
2339 5812 (Counselling and Patient Support Centre)

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