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Hong Kong Baptist Hospital's Counselling Services were started in 2011, set up at Kowloon City district (formerly Holistic HealthCare Centre), and relocated to current centre at Kowloon Tong. It is managed by experienced psychological counsellors to provide professional and confidential counselling services to the public in need. All counsellors have obtained relevant master degrees and recognized qualifications.

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1. Counselling Services

Individual, Marriage and Family Counselling

Psychological Counsellors will help clients and their families' members face crisis and difficulties with positive attitudes.

Illness impact/ Recovery: help patients and families face illnesses and adjustments after recovery.

Grief & Bereavement: help a bereaved person or family appropriately grieves whilst adjusting to their new life.

Emotion & Stress: help clients handle pressure, upset feelings, mild depressive or anxiety emotions, interpersonal relationships etc.

Marital Relationships: help married couples face issues and adjust to married life.


50 minutes per session


Individual Counselling


Couple/ Family Counselling


<Counselling Services Leaflet>


Counselling Services Arrangement:
1.  Enquires or booking: If you or someone you know may want to enquire about counselling services or make an appointment to meet with our counsellor, please call our centre at 2339 5812, our staff will understand client’s general needs of counselling services, and arrange the first appointment for you.
2.  First appointment: Counselling session is 50 minutes to 75 minutes (i.e. 1 to 1.5 session). Psychological Counsellor will provide recommendation if counselling follow-up may be needed. Client may make the next appointment if it is needed. Otherwise, the counselling services would be completed.
3.  Counselling follow-up: According to client’s needs, psychological counsellor will recommend the frequency of counselling sessions, usually the sessions are arranged at weekly or bi-weekly, each session 50 minutes. When client could deal with the concerned issues or has achieved the goals that they wish to attain, psychological counsellor and client will come to agreement and the counselling services would be completed.
* All information of the counselling sessions and enquires are kept confidential.
Attainable goal of counselling services:
Reduce emotional distress Build up positive thinking habits
Learn effective ways to relieve emotions Reconstruct life goal
Improve family/marital/personal relationships Cultivate gratitude and contentment
Attain personal growth Rebuild self-confidence and find your own strength

Pre-marital Counselling
Psychological Counsellors will arrange assessment and provide counselling to clients, helping them to know each other more deeply and to prepare them for married life.

Assessment tools: PREPARE/ENRICH program

Contents of counselling: expectation for marriage, family of origin, personality, communication, conflict, finance, parenting, sex life, religion etc.

No. of sessions: 5

Duration: 75 minutes per session

Fee: $3,360 (including online assessment, counselling sessions and report)

2. Patient Support Services(Psycho-social)

Provide psycho-social support to patients and carers in need, to help them acquire appropriate social resources information.

Social Resources Enquiries: social services and community rehabilitation support information (enquiries by drop-in or phone calls are welcomed).

Counselling Consultation: help patients and carers in need to understand the family or emotional issues affected by illness, counselling services may be recommended if needed.

Patient Talks: patient emotional support talks to be held regularly, topics include“Managing anxiety”and“Mental health first aids”etc.

3. Preventive Education

To fulfil our hospital’s mission of “providing holistic healthcare and honouring God by serving the needy”, our centre aims to promote the practice of holistic healthcare in the community. We have been invited to provide talks and/or training workshops by more than 120 organizations, which includes government departments, commercial organizations, NGOs, schools and churches.

Physical Dimension

To be aware of physical signals and make adjustments accordingly

Psychological and Social Dimension

To understand and learn how cognition, emotion and behavior affect health

To build positive thinking and a positive psychological state

To build and maintain harmonious interpersonal relationships

Spiritual Dimension

To explore and search beliefs

To search out the meaning and value of life

To face challenges in life with flexibility and composure

Service Hours (by appointment):
Monday - Friday 9:30am - 1:00pm
2:00pm – 6:00pm
Evening Counselling Sessions:
Monday - Wednesday
6:00pm – 8:00pm
Closed on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays

For enquiries, please contact us at:
Counselling and Patient Support Centre
Address : 1/F, Franki Centre, 320 Junction Road, Kowloon
Telephone : 2339 5812
Fax : 2339 5813
Email : cpsc@hkbh.org.hk


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